Youth Ground Ratings

Hello all,
We have been working on developing the Ground Training Syllabus recently and have now decided on creating two Ground Training Ratings: The Wrangler Rating and the Assistant Coach Rating.

The Ground Training syllabus is a large one and will take several weeks to learn and practice both under supervision and on your own.

The first level, the “Wrangler Rating” is where you can be signed off as capable of specific operations without direct supervision.

The second level, the “Assistant Coach Rating”, is where you are signed off as someone who can train or guide others under the direction of the adults in the group.

For the Wrangler Rating, your training with Fred will allow you to gain basic knowledge, as well as an understanding of how and why things are done the way they are. After training, once you have gained sufficient experience and demonstrated your capability, a Wrangler Rating will be awarded by agreement between Fred (Coach), myself (Group Leader) and Charles (Launch Point Controller).

As you further demonstrate your competence and general behavior over time you may be invited to train to become an Assistant Coach for one or more areas. The age limit for becoming an Assistant Coach will normally be a minimum of 15 years. The decision to give someone an Assistant Coach Rating will be discussed jointly by Fred, Charles and myself, and/or other people as required.

Of course this rating takes into account many factors other than pure skill and competence although these will be the foundation. Additionally an ability to work well with all the adults and cadets is important as well as demonstrating good judgement. The award of Assistant Coach status means significant trust will be placed in you.

For example: Charles may ask you to “Draw a K13 from the hangar”, being assisted by less experienced cadets. So you must be able to demonstrate forward thinking and competent handling of all aspects of the task. Above all it is not a situation where youthful high-spirits can be allowed to overwhelm safety concerns and it will be important that you are prepared to ask for advice from an adult when you are not sure, do not know, or don’t have the experience.

We look forward to seeing you all work through your ground training.
Enjoy and be safe.

The Honourababble Dave.
Group Leader.

PS: The title Wrangler has a distinguished history at the University of Cambridge!

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