Tuesday Evenings April – September

Full evening flying will start Tuesday April 4th and continue every week until mid-September. This is for people who can come most weeks, from ab-initio up to red card and beyond. Please sign up on the sheet in the Lasham clubhouse lobby- we need to plan ahead with aircraft and instructors. Cadet flying will start from 4.30, but arrive anytime after that and continue until late.


Saturday evenings will start Saturday April 1st, we will carry on straight on from the day group, usually starting around 5pm. First come, first served. Come to the Launch Point when you arrive and help to get the day group finished, we get more flying this way.

Easter Holidays

Tuesday 11th and 18th April will be full Cadet Days. We may choose other days in addition depending on weather.

Solo Pilots

 – DNZ is ready to go and in the hangar. -DPJ once rigged will be kept in covers on the south side of the airfield.  See the website for booking and flying requirement

Keep an eye on the website for updates, other news  and operational matters.

Any queries or special requests, contact Dave (07770 523643) or Malc (07989 893987)

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