Solo to White Card & Beyond

How can I improve to Red Card?

Basically Fly Fly Fly on your own. If the weather is white card flyable then fly on your own. There is no point in ticking boxes on the Red card in White card conditions.

If it is just soarable take the K8 – winch – £5 for flying for the first hour then it is “Free Free Free.” Of course always check with the duty instructor about the conditions.

You will need about 25 hours P1 for the Bronze Flying Test. The BGA specified 10 hours minimum is NOT enough. You will need a minimum of 50 hours P1 to get your Yellow Card Flying Test. So get used to adding up and checking your P1 hours.

Now if you are cleared for the K8, tow it out to the launchpoint, check wind conditions with the duty instructor and go flying! For claim flights a logger is available for cadet use. See the page about the logger and GPS.

Phone Malcolm George or myself if you want basic soaring training in the K21.

So what can you fly?

K13. Better than nothing. Keep a K13 up and you will keep any “glider up”.

K21. Better for soaring training but good for solo if Baby Grob not available.

Baby Grob 102. Good for soaring. Get used to this. You will need it for your 50k Silver Distance.

All cost 28p per minute – half price.

The K8 will cost nothing and will stay up in a wish of lift. Though it is poor at X-Country in more than 10kts headwind. (I did my 50k in 2½ hours and my 5 hours and my first 100km in a K6. Similar to a K8)

This is why we have ½ hour and 1 hour soaring as part of your training to force you to get solo air time.

If you want soaring training use the K21. This has similar performance to the Baby Grob. If your instructor says “Lets fly the DuoDiscus(775) or 776.” Ask why because:

1: As you can only fly 775 or 776 solo when you have completed your Yellow Card there is no point in training for it until then.
2: If you can keep a K21 up you will keep up the Baby Grob. Best value for training.
3: However if your instructor offers to pay(!) then take 775 or 776.

Good Flying.
The Honourababble Dave.

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