Pre-Flight Checks

Give the recent discussion about pre-flight checks my latest Deliberation addresses this important stage of getting ready to fly:

Before Flying:
1: Check the glider. Ask yourself “Is this glider safe to fly?”.
2: Look at the DI book to see that it has been signed and to note any comments.
3: Ballast – Is there the right amount of ballast in the front? Make sure it is added or removed depending upon your weight and the glider’s limits.
4: Flying solo in 2 seaters part 1: Check that the rear straps are done up and tightened so they don’t flail around in flight.
5: Flying solo in 2 seaters part 2: Check the rear canopy is closed and locked. We have lost canopies due to failing to check this.
6: Check the controls work as expected before getting into the glider. It has been known for damage to occur while gliders have been parked up.

Direct Vision (DV) Panels:
1: So-called because they allow you to see outside to some degree should the main canopy mist up or you lose visibility for some reason.
2: Before launch leave it half open or close it, but don’t fiddle with it on the way up the launch. If you are flying in humid conditions with a danger of canopy misting, leave it fully open BEFORE launching. You don’t want to be messing around with it in the middle of a cable break with the canopy misting.
3: If flying in rainy conditions or into a low sun where there is a risk of reduced visibility, then open it since you will be able to use it to provide better orientation should you not be able to see clearly.

K21 Airbrakes
The airbrakes on K21s are stiff for a very good reason:
1: They have extra springs to make sure that the surfaces of the brakes line up flush with the wing surface to cause as little aerodynamic disturbance as possible during manouevres.
2: The K21s are aerobatic and stressed to +6g, but only +3g with airbrakes open. Thus it is important that the airbrakes stay closed during aerobatics otherwise the wings will sustain structural damage if the brakes inadvertently opened.

Safe flying
The Honourababble Dave

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