Please Can You Sell Some Raffle Tickets!

Please would everyone collect some Raffle tickets from the Lasham Office and do your best to sell them! They will be available from tomorrow afternoon and they need to be sold before the draw on 9th April.

To go ahead with getting a Baby Grob to fly this year, and equipping it with covers (because it’s too heavy to rig on a daily basis) is going to cost the best part of £3.5K.

Tickets are £5 each or £20 for a book of 5.  So, if everyone can sell 5 books that should just about raise the funds. Please all try to sell as many tickets as possible.  There are some great prizes, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Many thanks in anticipation of many sales!

Also, if you want to fly, don’t forget to sign-up.  All sessions up until the end of May are now available on the website.

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