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Hi Guys and Gals

Some reminders – gliding is an individual recreation/sport, but requires a team effort to make sure that everyone gets a fair share of the flying, and to maximise the flying that we get, especially in the winter when the days are short.

A few reminders about our operations:

1) When you arrive for a cadet day or evening, you will be expected to stay until the end, and help with putting gliders away. When this is not possible (Mum is collecting at 6.00pm) then tell an instructor so that we are aware you are going, and any misunderstandings are avoided. The instructors have a legal duty of care, and need to be sure that everyone is accounted for at the end of the session.

2) When getting gliders out, if they are dirty, they should be washed. Use plenty of water and sponges. Do not use hoses directly except to wash heavy mud from wheels and the underside of fuselages. Make sure that vents/ports are not deluged with water or hosed.  Buckets and sponges are normally available in the hangar.

3) Canopies – must be kept clean, especially in winter when glare from low sun can be a major problem. They should be washed with water, and then dried with a soft cloth.

WHEN IN THE GLIDER AVOID PUTTING FINGERS ON THE PERSPEX. Test for canopy closed by pushing upon the frame.

4) Be pro-active at the launch point in keeping the launches going, help with cables, keep the log, be ready with the buggies to retrieve landed gliders. Make sure that students and instructors get into the gliders as soon as they arrive at positions 1 and 2 in the winch queue.

Cadets currently have a good reputation for operations at the launch point, let’s make it a great reputation.

5) If you fly a glider solo you are responsible for it until it is handed over to someone else. The last person to fly is responsible for getting it back to and INTO the hangar. If necessary it should be washed before putting into hangar, batteries put on charge and parachutes returned to parachute room.

6) Lasham Airfield is an open exposed location on the top of a hill, it can be very cold in winter, please make sure that you have adequate clothing.

7)  The room in the control vehicle is intended as a place for briefings and storage only. It is not intended as a social place or a place to spend when you’re not flying, gliding is a team sport and requires many jobs to be done while on the ground. When rain stops play, the space can be use a shelter.


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