Lasham Youth Response to Farnborough Airspace Change Proposal



Many of you would have been aware of the highly controversial TAG Farnborough Airspace Change Proposal that has been in consultation phase up until today.

Lasham Youth as one of the most affected organisations by this compiled a detailed response on behalf of the Youth Group by Helen Parkin & myself with the excellent advice and help of Julian Richardson one of our Youth Instructors. This has been sent to TAG Farnborough Airport Ltd as one of hundreds of responses from all stakeholders and pilots who fly in this area who are giving their views on the proposal.

This Airspace Change Proposal has horrific consequences if it were to be implemented as soon as next year with questions raised about the viability of Lasham, hence Lasham Youth who are the future of continuing the club are so important in the process and have provided a view.

Attached is the document compiled by Helen and I on behalf of the Youth Group. It is well worth a read.


Although the consultation is over. This whole process is not over yet. There are still many processes to go through and possibly many challenges ahead. We’ll keep you updated.

Many Thanks

Jordan B

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