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Hi Guys and Gals!

If you’re coming close to getting your Bronze Badge, or already have it, you’ll be starting to think about going for your silver badge. The silver consists of a 1000m (3,382ft) height gain, a 50km Nano4cross country task, and a 5 hour duration flight. For all three of these flights you’ll need a logger!

All of the club aircraft are fitted with Flarm, which is capable of acting as a flight recorder for the purpose of silver claims. The Flarms aren’t always reliable however, so it’s a good idea to have a backup.

Dave recently bought an LX Nano for the youth group. This is a small logger equipt with both barograph (height recording) equipment, and a GPS for logging your position. This enables it to record traces suitable for claiming any part of your silver.

The logger is currently being kept in the flying office at Lasham. If you need to use it, contact Dave, Malcolm, John Simmonds or Ed Lockhart who will be happy to get it out for you. When you take it, you simply need to sign for it with a name and phone number, so we can contact you if it goes missing. When you’re done with it, leave it back in the flying office and John or Ed can analyse the trace for you.

If the logger gets broken, that’s life! Just like the rest of the club equipment, we won’t be charging you for it. If you lose it however we will be asking for money to buy a new one so please look after it!

The logger is pretty simple to use. Simply press the button on the side of the flight recorder to switch it on. To switch it off again, hold the button until the flight recorder shuts down.

There are 5 LEDs on the side of the logger. The first four green LEDs indicate power, GPS, logger and Bluetooth (in that order from left to right), and the 5th red LED on the far right indicates an error. Pressing the button quickly while the logger is switched on will tell you the battery level using the LEDs. At full power you have around 28 hours of operation.

The logger will start recording when it detects that you are moving above a certain speed. Ensure before you take off that you have power, and a GPS feed by checking that the first two lights are blinking. The third LED should come on when the flight recorder begins logging. Bluetooth is not required for recording your flight, and you obviously don’t want the error light to be on!

The flight recorder needs to put in a position in the aircraft so that it has a view of the sky. This will allow it to maintain a GPS feed. Do not put it anywhere where it could be blocked by something metal. The best place to put it could be to tape it to the top of the instrument panel.

Download the full manual here…

A quick reference information sheet can be found with the logger.

Happy flying!

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