Getting Ready to Fly

We now have about 45 cadets from the age of 14 to 20 years so this can mean over 20 students on any given flying day or evening, so we must use our training time well in order to get 3 flights each. This is where you can help by getting yourself ready to fly just before your turn comes up.

Getting ready to fly
Please do come dressed warmly with coats, gloves and a hat if it is cold!! Past forecasts have been easterly winds of 10 knots with a temperature down to 3°C, plus wind chill. You cannot fly well if you are cold and shivering.

When Charles puts you on standby to fly there are spare parachutes in the bus. Please PUT IT ON straightaway.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1: Have I got the right sized parachute on? If you are one of the smaller youngsters make sure you use the small blue parachutes. Some parachutes are too big and you may not be able to tighten them up. If in doubt – Ask. It is important to have the right sized parachute.

2: Do I need a seat back for the glider? If YES then get one out from the bus and hold on to it.

3: Am I flying with Dave or Val? (i.e. a lighter instructor) We weigh 160lbs or 70kg. If you are 50kg or less you will need lead weights. Get 2 weights out, they are 15lbs or 7kg each. Then stagger over to your glider!

Thanks to Ray Cross we now have lead weights for 5 of the K13s.

Before you get in : CHECK FIRST – Do you need to adjust the rudder pedals? If so –do it before getting in the glider.

If you have been allocated a glider GET IN NOW – Don’t wait to be told as often instructors wander over to the launch point ready to start flying immediately and even if you are 3 gliders back in the queue we will pull you forward.

Finally you should be nice and relaxed and not rushed. Charles will be happy and smile or make awful jokes – when this happens you know you are not holding up the launching.

Now there is only one thing left: Is your instructor ready!

As a crazy English comedian used to say – this is “All meant in the Best Possible Taste”.

See you at the Launchpoint.
Dave Bowtell

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