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Funds for Gliding

The following is a direct lift from the BGA website (April 2017). Please have a look, and ask if you need help.

Funding Opportunities

Flying needn’t be expensive and as a junior pilot you have lots of opportunities to drive the cost down even further through a range of club scheme, scholarships and bursaries.

We are really fortunate to be supported by some very generous benefactors who every year provide funding and/or training for young pilots. A summary of what is available is listed below – click on the links for more details. We will post details of availability on our News pages and on the Juniors Facebook page so keep an eye open for opportunities that might be able to help you. Note that not all opportunities may be available each year.

Pre-Solo Opportunities

Caroline Trust
Fleet Air Arm Officers Association
The Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets
Honourable Company of Air Pilots
Royal Aeronautical Society
Upward Bound Trust

Post-Solo Opportunities

The Air League
BGA Competition Training
Royal Aero Club Trust
Royal Aeronautical Society

Instructor Opportunities

Honourable Company of Air Pilots/ BGA Instructor Training Bursaries
Royal Aero Club Trust

Cadet Single Seat Gliders


There are two single seaters  available for exclusive use of  Lasham cadets:

NOTE these gliders are not Lasham Club Gliders. They are maintained and insured by Lasham Youth.  After flying they  must be returned to their correct location and parachutes and batteries removed and put away.  They must not be left at the launchpoint unless an individual whose name you know has committed to further flying. The last name on the flying log will be held responsible for any missing equipment.

They each have their own parachutes kept in the large cupboard outside the CFI’s office.

G-DDNZ (Denzil)- a K8, excellent first single seater, suitable for early solo pilots. Great for Silver Heights and Duration, and even Silver Distance in the right conditions. Denzil is kept rigged in the hangar, so is easily available at any time. (ie NOW)- 

G-DDPJ (Juliet) Grob Astir CS77, a standard 15m glider, with retractable undercarriage. The club Grob 102s are very similar.

Easy to fly, for local soaring and cross country, 300km is achievable without too much trouble.  She is rigged on the south side of the airfield, in covers.  Daytime time flying will be 12p/min (max £18.00/day) for U21- less than 1/3 the cost of a Lasham club glider. Don’t forget to take a logger, we have Nano available.

Flying qualification requirements are can be found under “Baby Grob Operating Guidelines.

Despite being subsidised by Lasham –(no hangarage or facilities fees) and Richard Moyse carrying out the annual ARC on a voluntary basis, each glider costs  around £800 a year before they fly (insurance and BGA costs). To justify this cost, please fly the gliders whenever you can.  USE ‘EM OR LOSE ‘EM.


Any queries to Malc or Dave.

Achievments in 2016


Achievements in 2016

The list below is in strictly alphabetic order, as each achievement is worthy in it’s own right, depending on many factors including age, experience, and availability to mention but three. Some achievements are the culmination of 3 or 4 years gliding, some much less.

The pre and post solo ground helpers are not to be forgotten, retrieving gliders, hooking on, hangar packing, and generally pushing and pulling which makes for a true community of gliding.

Sincere apologies if anyone or anything has been omitted, please let Malcolm know if you are aware of missing items.

Jordan Bridge Assistant Cat. Instructor (Lasham Staff Course Instructor), Winch Drive
Declan Callan -McGill Bronze C +XC Endorsement, BGA Basic Aerobatic Badge,   Cable Retrieve Truck Driver, Solo on Motor Falke
Nicky Dobson Currency in K21, Cable Retrieve Truck Driver
Robert Fenner Solo, K8 Conversion complete.
Marcus Griggs Re-Solo, Basic Aerobatic Badge.
Michael Harrison Assistant Cat. Instructor (and  Level 1 in Australia)
Ewan Hogg 1st Solo
Henry Inigo-Jones Bronze C +XC Endorsement, Silver Height and Duration, Cleared for Discus, Retrieve Truck Driver
Felicity Jones Solo Aerotow, BGA Basic Aerobatic Badge, Bronze C , Launch Point Control
Hannah Knight Solo aerotow, 2Hr Soaring Duration.
Suzie Lyell Bronze C +XC Endorsement, Silver Height. 2 off 50K attempts
Olly Metcalfe 2000+XC km, Gold and Diamond XC distances, Land out expert, BI Instructor Rating.
Andrew Moss K8 Conversion Complete.
Callum Manning K21 Currency, Launch Point Control, Cable Retrieve Truck Driver
Ben Perrett K8 Solo
Guy Roth Intermediate Aerobatic badge.
Ben Syndercombe Bronze C +XC Endorsement, Cable Retrieve Truck Driver
And, former cadet,
Barney Zubor 1st Officer with Ryanair.
Baby Grob DJP on Lasham Airfield

Baby Grob DPJ Operating Rules


Minimum Flying Requirements

Minimum requirements only apply when meteorological conditions are mild and pilot is known to authorising instructor. In all other circumstances, requirements may be increased and/or checkflights required.

Local Flying

10 Flights in K21

5 Flights in Grob102 or similar.

Authorisation from Colin Watt, Ed Lockhart, Dave Bowtell, Bob Johnson or Malcolm George

Pre-flight briefing from Lasham instructor before 1st flight.

Cross Country 

As for Local Flying plus

5 local flights in DPJ

5 hours total flight time in DPJ

Observed spot landing

Bronze C with Cross Country endorsement

Briefing with Lasham Instructor before each  cross country flight until Silver 50km completed.

Flying Charges 

From end March 2017 12p per minute up to max of £18.00 (2.5 hrs) per per flight for U21, 20p/min for  over 21 up to max of £30 a . ( Free after 6pm).

Operational Rules.

DPJ is intended primarily for developing the soaring skills of Lasham Youth (14-21 years old). DPJ is normally rigged and is parked in slot no.2 on the south side of the airfield. DPJ is provided with towing aids which are kept in the trailer.  It is to be hoped that authorised pilots will co-operate with each other in preparing and, in particular, in cleaning and putting away glider.

  1. DPJ can only be flown by pilots authorised by Colin Watt, Ed Lockhart, Dave Bowtell or Malcolm George. List of authorised pilots is maintained on Lasham Youth website.

NOTE: DPJ is not a Lasham Glider, anyone flying without authorisation as detailed above is completely uninsured.

  1. Local soaring is limited to 2 hrs max. (unless booked- see below).
  2. If the glider has not been booked on a day, first arrival shall establish flying list and DI glider (Bronze C required) or arrange for DI.  Other pilots may sign on as they arrive. Flying list shall be kept on clipboard in trailer. Only those present at Lasham may put their name on the flying list. First arrival has priority claim on the glider when conditions become soarable. Other pilots may fly circuits before that time. Pre-soaring flights shall be limited to 30 minutes. All pilots shall carry means of telling the time.
  3. DPJ may be booked for Cross country and Silver Duration flights. (NOT Heights). Bookings shall be made before 6pm previous day in advance, only one booking per week by the same person. Booked pilot has priority on their day, until the pilot has had two soaring flights (min. 15 mins. winch, 45 minutes aerotow). The glider shall then be handed on to other pilots wishing to fly.  Booked pilots MUST turn up on their booked day, and enter details on flying list. If choosing not to fly, a note shall be left on the list to that effect.


  1. Glider may be booked for competition or expedition purposes by discussion and agreement with Malcolm George or Dave Bowtell only.
  2. Last person flying is responsible for ensuring the glider is cleaned (washed if necessary), covers are put on and glider is properly secured, towing aids stowed etc. Parachute shall be returned to cupboard.
  3. Failure to do this will result in a minimum 4-week suspension of DPJ flying rights.
  4. Any problems or damage must be reported as soon as possible, preferably by text to 07989 893987 (Malcolm George) or (07770 523643) Dave Bowtell

Bronze EASA Changes

Hi Guys and Gals,

I’m sure many of you have already seen the following information from many sources but I would just like to summarise some recent developments in the area of “flight crew licensing”.


In the last couple of years the UK has been experiencing a gradual transition from our previous flight crew licensing over to EASA* regulations.

We have already seen some important changes such as the solo age falling from 16 to 14 two years ago. Originally it was planned that the UK would fully adopt EASA flight crew licensing (EASA FCL) in April 2015. This would mean from April 2015 onwards all glider pilots would need a LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilots License) in order to be considered licensed pilots, where as at the moment a Bronze Badge is sufficient. It would also mean the basic DVLA medical declaration would no longer be valid for solo flight and we would all have to obtain a LAPL medical certificate in order to fly solo (although under 16s already need one of these).

A vote was held this week by EASA on a proposal to delay the introduction of EASA FCL until 2018, allowing time to consider an amendment to the current aircrew legislation that would deregulate general aviation – including gliding – making flying easier and less paperwork-heavy for pilots who only fly recreationally and not commercially.

The vote received a “yes” vote, and the introduction of EASA FCL has been delayed until 2018. This means that there is no longer a requirement for pilots to gain EASA licenses and medicals in 2015 as previously thought. The current gliding structure; with the Bronze Badge acting as the near equivalent of a “gliding license” will stand and the basic DVLA medical declaration will remain valid.

*EASA: The European Aviation Safety Agency – the body of the European Union responsible for regulating aviation within its member states, including the United Kingdom.

Bronze Badge

The BGA have announced this week that with immediate effect the minimum age for a pilot to apply for a Bronze Badge has been lowered from 16 to 14.

This means that the Bronze Badge is now available to all solo pilots who meet the experience requirements and pass an Oral Test, the Written Tests and the Flying Test.

Previously we stated that the Bronze Written Tests could not be started until a pilot reaches the age of 15, due to the requirement to complete them within a year. This is now no longer the case. The written tests can be stared at any point once the pilot is solo. It should be noted however that the tests will still lapse after one year so you should not start completing the tests until you are sure you can complete the entire Bronze Badge within one year from that point.

The minimum age for the Cross Country (XC) Endorsement still stands at 16. This means although the Bronze Badge can be gained as soon as you are ready, you will still need to be 15 to begin completing the requirements for the XC Endorsement, as these also need to be completed within a year.

The original article from the BGA can be read here:

The updated version of this section of the BGA Laws and Rules can be read here:

In summary:
-The EASA changes planned for April 2015 will not happen until 2018 any may change from what is currently planned before then.
-You can now apply for your Bronze Badge at 14 instead of 16, but the age for the XC endorsement still stands at 16.

Lasham Youth Response to Farnborough Airspace Change Proposal



Many of you would have been aware of the highly controversial TAG Farnborough Airspace Change Proposal that has been in consultation phase up until today.

Lasham Youth as one of the most affected organisations by this compiled a detailed response on behalf of the Youth Group by Helen Parkin & myself with the excellent advice and help of Julian Richardson one of our Youth Instructors. This has been sent to TAG Farnborough Airport Ltd as one of hundreds of responses from all stakeholders and pilots who fly in this area who are giving their views on the proposal.

This Airspace Change Proposal has horrific consequences if it were to be implemented as soon as next year with questions raised about the viability of Lasham, hence Lasham Youth who are the future of continuing the club are so important in the process and have provided a view.

Attached is the document compiled by Helen and I on behalf of the Youth Group. It is well worth a read.


Although the consultation is over. This whole process is not over yet. There are still many processes to go through and possibly many challenges ahead. We’ll keep you updated.

Many Thanks

Jordan B