Cadet Single Seat Gliders


There are two single seaters  available for exclusive use of  Lasham cadets:

NOTE these gliders are not Lasham Club Gliders. They are maintained and insured by Lasham Youth.  After flying they  must be returned to their correct location and parachutes and batteries removed and put away.  They must not be left at the launchpoint unless an individual whose name you know has committed to further flying. The last name on the flying log will be held responsible for any missing equipment.

They each have their own parachutes kept in the large cupboard outside the CFI’s office.

G-DDNZ (Denzil)- a K8, excellent first single seater, suitable for early solo pilots. Great for Silver Heights and Duration, and even Silver Distance in the right conditions. Denzil is kept rigged in the hangar, so is easily available at any time. (ie NOW)- 

G-DDPJ (Juliet) Grob Astir CS77, a standard 15m glider, with retractable undercarriage. The club Grob 102s are very similar.

Easy to fly, for local soaring and cross country, 300km is achievable without too much trouble.  She is rigged on the south side of the airfield, in covers.  Daytime time flying will be 12p/min (max £18.00/day) for U21- less than 1/3 the cost of a Lasham club glider. Don’t forget to take a logger, we have Nano available.

Flying qualification requirements are can be found under “Baby Grob Operating Guidelines.

Despite being subsidised by Lasham –(no hangarage or facilities fees) and Richard Moyse carrying out the annual ARC on a voluntary basis, each glider costs  around £800 a year before they fly (insurance and BGA costs). To justify this cost, please fly the gliders whenever you can.  USE ‘EM OR LOSE ‘EM.


Any queries to Malc or Dave.

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