Baby Grob Update & A Reminder

Our Baby Grob ( born an Astir CS 77)

The Baby Grob DJP (Juliet) is now insured and nearly ready to fly ( We are waiting on the CAA clear the EASA paperwork- we’ll let everyone know when this happens)  The operating rules are on the website;

There will be a booking scheme which will no-doubt be fine-tuned as we see how things work out, but the basic idea is that to fly the glider you must book it and say what it is you want to do, whether that is circuits, local soaring or a 300km attempt. In the first instance please email by 6PM the day before you want to fly.  Malcolm will then allocate the glider and post the allocation on the website for all to see.

Evening Flying – A Reminder

There have been a number of occasions recently where there have been insufficient people available to put the gliders away after evening flying.  As a reminder, this is the procedure:

  • Please put your name on the evening flying list when you arrive.
  • If you are going to arrive after 6.30, please let Malcolm, Dave or Bob Johnson know in advance.
  • If you need to leave Lasham at a fixed time or early (before closing of hangar doors), please say so when you arrive.  Otherwise everyone is expected to stay around and help pack up.


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