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AGM & Grand Raffle

Hi All

Please remember that we must put in a good show at the AGM next Saturday, 19th March @ 4.00PM in the Brown Elephant.   Five cadets are getting awards, so you’d better be there in case it’s you!  Also, we need  some willing volunteers to rattle the cash buckets and collect  money towards the youth fund. (We can hardly take the money if we can’t turn up to collect it!)

Dave will announce our Grand Raffle and prizes.  The prizes need to come from us and our families.  We already have the following, but more are needed, so please reply to this email or text Dave with your offers and ideas…

    • Dave – 30 minutes training (or just having fun!) in the Falk
    • Malc – 1 hour flight in the Duo Discus
    • Declan, Ben, Lauren & Callum 2 – 4 x trailer or caravan cleaning
    • Jordan & Mike – 2 x one afternoon’s instructing with 3 winch launches included
    • Matt in the canteen – Sunday lunch for two, inc. wine (and he doesn’t even fly!)
    • Hannah – a home-made and decorated 10 inch celebration sponge cake
    • Jaqui (Lauren’s Mum) –  half day garden design consultation
    • Andre (Hannah’s Dad) – up to 3 hour ride on a Harley Davidson with protective clothing and cake stop
    • Jess & Debs (Jess’s Mum)  – 2 x half day gardening sessions
    • Henry & Henry’s Dad – sailing on the Solent for up to 4 people
    • Anne (Hannah’s Mum) – a savoury buffet party food dish to serve up to 12 (eg lasagne, coronation chicken, home-made pizza, quiche, chicken curry)

Dave is hoping to get a Baby Grob for use of the youth group this year (like Denzle), but this will take money a lot of effort! So, we need every cadet to offer something. If you don’t Dave and Malc will notice, and that will not be good during the coming season!

Finally, a very big thank you to Ben, Dec and Hannah for polishing Denzel last Tuesday (and, again, to Dave and Richard Moyse for the CofA work!) and also to Callum 2 and Lauren for rigging on Friday. She’s now tip top and ready to fly!

Happy & Safe Flying!
Lasham Youth Gliding

Please can you help tomorrow – Saturday 27th Feb? & Tuesday Flying

Richard Moyse has now finished the Certificate of Airworthiness work on the Denzle (FOC – Thank You, Richard!) but he now needs some help cleaning and polishing her ready for you to fly this year.  So, if you have flown Denzle in the past, or would like to in the future,please try to come along to the maintenance workshop (behind the main hangar) Tomorrow (Saturday) at 11:00 to lend a hand getting her ready to fly this season.  The more people who can make it the less time it will take, and rumour has it that the workshop is even heated these days!

If you can make it please phone or text Dave in advance.

Tuesdays are Starting Early!
There will be Tuesday flying from next week, 1st March, if anyone wants to fly.  But, you must let Dave know by signing up on the website before Tuesday morning.  At this time of year the gliders are often away in the hangar before 4:00, so if you don’t sign-up nobody will know you are intending to come and everything will probably have been put away by the time you arrive!  The restaurant will be open for chips, burgers etc, but again, only if you let us know you will be coming.

The first day of the season!

Hi All

The first youth flying day of the 2016 season was a great success!  Well Done Everyone!

Although it was very cold Malc and Dave did not need to pull out young people from the launch wagon, everybody worked outside and froze together!  And it was soarable!!


In no particular order with and with apologies for anything missed off…

  • Aiden completed his currency flying with Dave and Tochi,  including a cable break, and worked hard at LPC during the day – thank you!
  • Tim C passed his check flights with Dave and flew solo.
  • Hannah passed her check flight with Malc and completed 3 solos.
  • Ewan’s currency flying with Malc went really well.
  • Henry converted from the K21 to the baby Grob on aerotow with Ed and soared for over an hour!
  • Biggest smile girl, Suzie, flew her new syndicated DG 101 – she shares it with Olly and Darren. Having completed her X/C endorsement, give us some nice weather and she’ll be going for a 50K!
  • Cameron’s currency flying with Malc is going well.
  • Declan  passed his Nav-Ex in the Falke with Ed.
  • Dave E completed his check flights with Dave and flew solo! Thanks for taking on cable retrieves with the truck Dave, hope you didn’t get too hot !!
  • Callum had two check flights with Dave and then some solos. Thanks for freezing whilst doing the last hour as LPC to 17:30 hrs Callum!
  • Zoe had 2 flights in dusty Denzal. This could be the record of the day I think she was up for nearly an hour each time!
  • Thanks to Tim and dad Ben for helping at the launch point all day!
  • Thanks to Jordan for LPC and helping Suzie.
  • Well done Mike H for your instructor training, all day with Derek Tagg.

For the future….

  • if you can only spend half a day please tell Dave or Malc and they will fly you early. Unfortunately James missed out because he had to leave, but if Dave isn’t told he can’t help!
  • When you arrive please put your account number on the sheet, this should help the log keeper and make things move quicker

Thanks to Malc, Ed, Dave and Tochi for making it all work!

Next session Tuesday 8th March after school and college.  Don’t forget to sign-up again on the website.

Happy & Safe Flying!
Lasham Youth Gliding

Youth Fund, Half Term & Tuesday Flying

Hi Everyone!

The Youth fund needs a top up!

You may not realise it, but the Youth Fund subsidises your flying at Lasham. To keep DNZ in the air costs £280 per year in insurance and £117 to the BGA for the Certificate of Airworthiness (and that is with Richard Moyse doing the work for free!) Last year we had a new canopy – we were lucky that Aston Down had a second hand one available at £250 and not the £1500 it would have cost for a brand new one. Then there are half price aerotows,  occasional glider hire and many other subsidies.

So, to generate some cash Dave is organising a Spring Raffle.  Some prizes have already been offered by the club (an hour in the Duo, an hour in the Falke, the restaurant have offered free meals, we have an offer of a half day gardening etc) but we need many more and we need you all to do your bit to help by offering to do stuff that can be offered as prizes.  For example, you could offer to do some baby-sitting, clean a trailer or a caravan, do some gardening or dog walking, make some cakes.  The list is endless, so please think of something, club together if necessary, and email admin@lashamyouthgliding with your offers.  Others will contribute, but we all need to be seen to be doing our bit.  To encourage you there will be blatant discrimination in the flying list  this year with preference given to those who contribute! 

Half term flying

There will be a fly-in on Tuesday 16th Feb 09:00AM ’till dark –  it must stop raining  and blowing a gale by then!  Please come along if you can.

Tuesday Flying

Flying starts again on Tuesday 8th March.  Don’t forget that you need to let us know if you are intending to come along by simply commenting on a post that will be on the website shortly.  Please do try to remember to do this so that Dave knows how many instructors to organise. You can still come along at the last minute, but preference on the fly list will be given to those that have signed up in advance.  We have two new volunteer instructors on Tuesdays this year, Clive Swain and Mark Davenport.

Getting Young People into Glider Aerobatics

Hi All

In two weeks time, 13th February, the Saturday evening talk will be on getting young people into glider aerobatics.  The talk will be given by Paul Conran who three years ago managed a very young team at the World Glider Advanced Aerobatic Championships.  Paul is very keen on helping young people.  Last year, he trained one 14 year-old and one 16 year-old for the first small competition at Pocklington.  Two young pilots at the Nationals were trained by him.

The talk will include plenty of cockpit video.  As well as how to fly, he will cover how to fit aerobatics around school and college commitments and how to do it economically.

It sounds like an evening worth attending!  6:00PM in the Brown Elephant

Dinner will be available in the restaurant afterwards if you want to make a full evening of it,  book dinner on 01256 384910.

This is how it’s going to work this year – please read!

Hi Everyone

In preparation for the new season, this is how it’s going to work…

Dave and Malcolm have agreed that they will be sharing responsibility for the group and so Dave will be running the Tuesday sessions and Malcolm will be in charge on Saturdays, giving Dave a much deserved rest.  There always need to be a Full Cat Instructor in charge of the airfield, so when Dave isn’t on site the Full Cat will be either, Bob Johnson, Andy Aveling or Colin.

Charles Baker has now resigned – Charles the Tuesday Evening Leader (he of the Yellow Jersey!) – and so we wish him well and THANK HIM VERY MUCH for all his hard work in the past.

There will always be something going on on Tuesdays and Saturdays, so please come along whenever you can.  If it’s not flyable either Malcolm or Julian will be talking about something you need to know in the clubhouse and Malcolm is now able to supervise the written Bronze tests, so all of you who are now solo have no excuse not to keep going to get your Bronze qualification.  Apart from the personal satisfaction of doing it, it will look great on your personal statement for Uni!

Finally, Colin has asked that we introduce a ‘booking system’ for Tuesday and Saturday evenings.  Nobody wants this to be anything onerous or for anyone to be put off coming along if they haven’t booked, but it does really help ‘those in charge’ if they have an idea of how many people want to fly on any one day.  If there are a lot of people they can then purloin an additional instructor, if not, they can stand one down, as necessary.  We can all understand that!

So, when regular youth flying starts up again we are going to try a new system.  There will be a post on this website for each flying session.  All we ask, is that you leave a comment on that post to tell us if you are likely to be on the airfield for that session.  It’s easy to do, and if you turn up anyway without posting we will try to make sure that you fly, but priority will always be given to those members who tell us that they are coming in advance, even if it’s only a few hours in advance!

You need to register here (at the bottom of the page) – you won’t be able to comment on posts, or tell us if you want to fly, until you do.

When you register you will be informed of all new Lasham Youth Posts automatically, but you won’t be spammed and if you don’t want to receive the emails you just need to respond and tell us that you don’t want to receive emails and you will be removed from the list.

If anyone wants to post anything that isn’t on the website yet, or if you have any good pictures to add that is great! The more the merrier!  Just let us know via the contact form and your contribution and it will be added to the website.

We are all looking forward to a great 2016 season!

Dave and Malc