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The checks to be performed before every flight are defined by the acronym:


C – Controls.  Check for full and free movement of the stick and rudders. Move all controls to the extremities of their movement individually and also together to ensure that the they are not snagging each other.  You should also check that the control surfaces are moving in the correct sense – if you can’t see the surfaces from within the cockpit you can check before you get in or ask someone standing outside.

B – Ballast.  Check that your weight and the weight of your instructor are both within the limits on the placard in the cockpit.  Don’t forget that your parachute weights approximately 7Kg. The ballast check should also include a check for loose articles – make sure that  there is nothing that that can move around in the cockpit and snag the controls or hit the canopy.

S – Straps. Make sure your straps are tight and secure and check that the instructor’s are too.

I – Instruments. Check that the battery is on and that the FLARM is working. Adjust the altimeter so that it is reading zero.  Check that all the other instruments are reading as expected and that there is no broken glass.

F – Flaps.  You won’t be learning to fly in a glider with flaps, but if you do ever fly a flapped glider this check ensure that you don’t forget to select the correct take-off setting.

T – Trim.  Check that the trim control has full and free movement and set it for a landing speed appropriate for the glider and wind strength on the day.

C – Canopy.  Check carefully that the canopy is securely locked and confirm with your instructor that the rear canopy is locked.  Apply upward pressure to the canopy with your forearms to help check that it is secure, but never put your hands on the canopy.

B – Brakes.  Open the air brakes.  Look left and right and check that they are fully extended on both wings and moving freely.  Shut and lock the brakes.

E – Eventualities.  Consider what might go wrong during the launch and discuss the eventualities with your instructor:

  • Wind speed and direction
    • Firstly look at the windsock and the way in which the canopy string is blowing and familiarise yourself with the wind speed and direction.
    • Choose a safe approach speed for the day.
    • Choose in which direction you will turn if the launch fails and you cannot land straight ahead.  This will normally be down wind.
  • Wing drop on the ground run
    • Think about any cross-wind and how it might cause a wing to drop on the ground run.  You will keep your hand on the yellow cable release and release immediately if a wing drops and you can’t immediately pick it up with the aileron.
  • Procedure if the launch fails during the climb
    •  You will keep your hand on the yellow release knob throughout the launch and if the launch fails you will immediately pull the knob to dump the cable and, at the same time, lower the nose to the recovery attitude (which is steeper than the normal approach attitude) and wait until you see your safe approach speed on the ASI.  Then you will decide where to land.
    • If you can safely land straight ahead that is what you will do.
    • If you are too high to land straight ahead then you will turn in whichever direction you have decided and choose a safe location in which to land.

Tuesday Evening Field landing Practice

Flying this Tuesday evening and next Tuesday will take place in Dave’s field in East Tisted for field landing practice.

Please meet at the club house at 4:30 LATEST where transport will be available if necessary.  Otherwise come along to the field later – directions available from Dave or any of the other instructors.

If you have satnav GU34 3RA will get you into the  correct lane, the field is about 1 mile up  the lane from East Tisted on the lefthand side.

Baby Grob Update & A Reminder

Our Baby Grob ( born an Astir CS 77)

The Baby Grob DJP (Juliet) is now insured and nearly ready to fly ( We are waiting on the CAA clear the EASA paperwork- we’ll let everyone know when this happens)  The operating rules are on the website;

There will be a booking scheme which will no-doubt be fine-tuned as we see how things work out, but the basic idea is that to fly the glider you must book it and say what it is you want to do, whether that is circuits, local soaring or a 300km attempt. In the first instance please email by 6PM the day before you want to fly.  Malcolm will then allocate the glider and post the allocation on the website for all to see.

Evening Flying – A Reminder

There have been a number of occasions recently where there have been insufficient people available to put the gliders away after evening flying.  As a reminder, this is the procedure:

  • Please put your name on the evening flying list when you arrive.
  • If you are going to arrive after 6.30, please let Malcolm, Dave or Bob Johnson know in advance.
  • If you need to leave Lasham at a fixed time or early (before closing of hangar doors), please say so when you arrive.  Otherwise everyone is expected to stay around and help pack up.


Aerobatics Camping Weekend 17th/18th September

In his capacity as glider rep. of the British Aerobatic Association Paul Conran is working on a weekend of aerobatic training for Juniors at Lasham on 17th and 18th September.  The purpose is to get more young people interested in aerobatics.  Pre-solo pilots will also be considered should they wish to apply.

There will be a package for an all-in price of £119 which will include:

  • 2 x 4000’ aerotows in k21
  • Training, briefings and coaching from UK National team members
  • Camping
  • BBQ
  • In flight video to take home
  • Associate membership of  BAeA (worth £20)
  • Chance to fly in a Fox (must weigh < 80kg)

The course will be promoted around the UK from mid July and an Ad will appear in S&G.  However, you are being given priority, so if you are interested please let Dave know ASAP.  Numbers will probably be restricted to 20.

Baby Grob DJP on Lasham Airfield

Baby Grob DPJ Operating Rules


Minimum Flying Requirements

Minimum requirements only apply when meteorological conditions are mild and pilot is known to authorising instructor. In all other circumstances, requirements may be increased and/or checkflights required.

Local Flying

10 Flights in K21

5 Flights in Grob102 or similar.

Authorisation from Colin Watt, Ed Lockhart, Dave Bowtell, Bob Johnson or Malcolm George

Pre-flight briefing from Lasham instructor before 1st flight.

Cross Country 

As for Local Flying plus

5 local flights in DPJ

5 hours total flight time in DPJ

Observed spot landing

Bronze C with Cross Country endorsement

Briefing with Lasham Instructor before each  cross country flight until Silver 50km completed.

Flying Charges 

From end March 2017 12p per minute up to max of £18.00 (2.5 hrs) per per flight for U21, 20p/min for  over 21 up to max of £30 a . ( Free after 6pm).

Operational Rules.

DPJ is intended primarily for developing the soaring skills of Lasham Youth (14-21 years old). DPJ is normally rigged and is parked in slot no.2 on the south side of the airfield. DPJ is provided with towing aids which are kept in the trailer.  It is to be hoped that authorised pilots will co-operate with each other in preparing and, in particular, in cleaning and putting away glider.

  1. DPJ can only be flown by pilots authorised by Colin Watt, Ed Lockhart, Dave Bowtell or Malcolm George. List of authorised pilots is maintained on Lasham Youth website.

NOTE: DPJ is not a Lasham Glider, anyone flying without authorisation as detailed above is completely uninsured.

  1. Local soaring is limited to 2 hrs max. (unless booked- see below).
  2. If the glider has not been booked on a day, first arrival shall establish flying list and DI glider (Bronze C required) or arrange for DI.  Other pilots may sign on as they arrive. Flying list shall be kept on clipboard in trailer. Only those present at Lasham may put their name on the flying list. First arrival has priority claim on the glider when conditions become soarable. Other pilots may fly circuits before that time. Pre-soaring flights shall be limited to 30 minutes. All pilots shall carry means of telling the time.
  3. DPJ may be booked for Cross country and Silver Duration flights. (NOT Heights). Bookings shall be made before 6pm previous day in advance, only one booking per week by the same person. Booked pilot has priority on their day, until the pilot has had two soaring flights (min. 15 mins. winch, 45 minutes aerotow). The glider shall then be handed on to other pilots wishing to fly.  Booked pilots MUST turn up on their booked day, and enter details on flying list. If choosing not to fly, a note shall be left on the list to that effect.


  1. Glider may be booked for competition or expedition purposes by discussion and agreement with Malcolm George or Dave Bowtell only.
  2. Last person flying is responsible for ensuring the glider is cleaned (washed if necessary), covers are put on and glider is properly secured, towing aids stowed etc. Parachute shall be returned to cupboard.
  3. Failure to do this will result in a minimum 4-week suspension of DPJ flying rights.
  4. Any problems or damage must be reported as soon as possible, preferably by text to 07989 893987 (Malcolm George) or (07770 523643) Dave Bowtell

Raffle & Aston Down Latest

The raffle is back on – and properly licenced this time!

As before, we need all cadets to help sell the new tickets please. Books of tickets are available at the Lasham office  with 20 tickets plus instructions in an envelope.  Please collect and sell as many packs as you can. Tickets are £1 each and raffle will be drawn at the end on the Lasham Regionals on Saturday 4th June.  (Ticket counterfoils and money must be with the office, Dave or Malcolm by midday on the 4th June.)

NB There’s a free aerotow on offer to the person who sells the most tickets!

Here’s a reminder of why we need to raise money:

  • to subsidise essential aerotow training.
  • to keep Denzel available for free soaring and silver badge flights –  the insurance and ARC alone cost approx. £600 per year.
  • to bring baby Grob DPJ “Juliet” into service.

Juliet has been generously donated to the youth group by John Barrie-Smith and Geoff Chaplin. Despite generous sponsorship it will cost nearly £2000 to bring her into service, but we will then have an aircraft suitable for flights up to Gold Badge level!

And, on that note, Richard Moyse has been doing and incredible amount of work, free of charge, to get Juliet ready so the youth group is going to clean his trailer for him to say thank you.  If you can get to the airfield on Tuesday the first task is going to be cleaning, so please come along and help if you can (from 4:00).  The more people there to help the sooner the flying will start!

Finally, if you want to fly at Aston Down over Half Term you will be very welcome, for a day or for the whole week, but Dave does need to know who’s going to arrange the gliders and food.  So, please either reply to this email or let Dave know ASAP if you are planning on coming along.


Unfortunately an issue has come to light with the organisation of the raffle which means that it has to be SUSPENDED for the time being whilst a resolution is arranged.

Please don’t sell anymore tickets for the time being.  More information will be available in due course.

Easter Holidays All Day Flying

There will be flying all day on Tuesday 29th March and Tuesday 5th April from approx 9:30AM until dark.  If you are planning to come along don’t forget to sign-up on the website with a short note on what you’d like to do during the day. Priority will be give to those who remember to do that!

Please Can You Sell Some Raffle Tickets!

Please would everyone collect some Raffle tickets from the Lasham Office and do your best to sell them! They will be available from tomorrow afternoon and they need to be sold before the draw on 9th April.

To go ahead with getting a Baby Grob to fly this year, and equipping it with covers (because it’s too heavy to rig on a daily basis) is going to cost the best part of £3.5K.

Tickets are £5 each or £20 for a book of 5.  So, if everyone can sell 5 books that should just about raise the funds. Please all try to sell as many tickets as possible.  There are some great prizes, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Many thanks in anticipation of many sales!

Also, if you want to fly, don’t forget to sign-up.  All sessions up until the end of May are now available on the website.