Achievments in 2016


Achievements in 2016

The list below is in strictly alphabetic order, as each achievement is worthy in it’s own right, depending on many factors including age, experience, and availability to mention but three. Some achievements are the culmination of 3 or 4 years gliding, some much less.

The pre and post solo ground helpers are not to be forgotten, retrieving gliders, hooking on, hangar packing, and generally pushing and pulling which makes for a true community of gliding.

Sincere apologies if anyone or anything has been omitted, please let Malcolm know if you are aware of missing items.

Jordan Bridge Assistant Cat. Instructor (Lasham Staff Course Instructor), Winch Drive
Declan Callan -McGill Bronze C +XC Endorsement, BGA Basic Aerobatic Badge,   Cable Retrieve Truck Driver, Solo on Motor Falke
Nicky Dobson Currency in K21, Cable Retrieve Truck Driver
Robert Fenner Solo, K8 Conversion complete.
Marcus Griggs Re-Solo, Basic Aerobatic Badge.
Michael Harrison Assistant Cat. Instructor (and  Level 1 in Australia)
Ewan Hogg 1st Solo
Henry Inigo-Jones Bronze C +XC Endorsement, Silver Height and Duration, Cleared for Discus, Retrieve Truck Driver
Felicity Jones Solo Aerotow, BGA Basic Aerobatic Badge, Bronze C , Launch Point Control
Hannah Knight Solo aerotow, 2Hr Soaring Duration.
Suzie Lyell Bronze C +XC Endorsement, Silver Height. 2 off 50K attempts
Olly Metcalfe 2000+XC km, Gold and Diamond XC distances, Land out expert, BI Instructor Rating.
Andrew Moss K8 Conversion Complete.
Callum Manning K21 Currency, Launch Point Control, Cable Retrieve Truck Driver
Ben Perrett K8 Solo
Guy Roth Intermediate Aerobatic badge.
Ben Syndercombe Bronze C +XC Endorsement, Cable Retrieve Truck Driver
And, former cadet,
Barney Zubor 1st Officer with Ryanair.

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