Lasham Cadets Newsletter – October 2015

Winter Operations

Saturdays will continue until 24-October.

The available time will be getting shorter each week. (On the 24th October last landing will be 18.15). Please arrive from 4.00pm if possible, and help the daygroup to finish so that we can take over as soon as possible. We will have a flying list in the control vehicle, please add your name as soon as you arrive.

Tuesdays will continue through the winter, Dave and/or Malcolm will be there from 13.00. Come after school/college.

Xmas half term – there will be a full Cadet day on Tuesday 27-Oct.
Xmas and New Year – there will be full Cadet days on Tues 22-Dec, 29-Dec, 5-Jan.

From Tues 3rd November, there will be theory training for the Bronze written tests. If you have recently gone solo, this completion of the Bronze Theory and Written Exam before the Spring should be your objective. You then have two years to satisfy the other requirements and complete the Bronze flying test. (Suzie, Ben2 and Declan completed Bronze this year, and Adam is coming up close)

Anne and Callum 2 for Cable Wrangle
Ben for Retrieve Truck Driving
Callum 1 for Winching.
Debs for Aston Catering, Retrieve Driving and LPC.
Jordan and Mike for Winching, Cable Retrieving and LPC.
Malc, Julian, Ingram, Sage, and Andy for Instructing.

And you kids for your input and enthusiasm (if a little noisy at times!).

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