2018 Summer Flying


There will be Cadet Days on Tuesday 3rd and Tuesday 10th April



Start Tuesday 3rd April- Please sign up to the list in the foyer of Lasham Clubhouse if you want to fly Tuesday evenings.

Saturday evenings will commence Saturday 7th April-

Evenings start officially at 6.00, and go through until dusk, so get progressively longer as the days lengthen. It is better to arrive early and help the day group finish their flying, anytime from 5.00pm, it also makes sure that enough aircraft are left out for us. If the day group finish early, we can start early, soaring is more likely early.
The evening flying list goes mostly by order of arrival, if you just need a check flight please arrive early, Denzel, our K8 or Juliet and our baby Grob should be available, as well as 2-seaters.
The evening session continues until the launchpoint is cleared, winch, tugs, retrieve truck, buggies and gliders are put away, then logbooks are completed in the clubhouse. All evenings are supported entirely by volunteers, so please make sure you do your bit to help. If you need to leave before the end of the evening, please let the duty instructor know.

Dave & Cadet Flying Team

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