Welcome to Lasham Youth Gliding!

We are the junior members of the Lasham Gliding Society, a BGA approved Junior Gliding Centre and we welcome all young people between the ages of 14 and 21 to join us.

Subject to completing the required training, you can fly a glider solo at age 14 , and there is no upper age limit, so once you learn you can be a pilot for life!  And with the excellent financial support provided by the Lasham Gliding Society, if you join our club it’s not expensive either!

Flying a glider solo is only the start, there’s a world of opportunities further on that our juniors have taken up: from flying at different clubs where you can fly in wave or on a ridge, to taking part in the UK Junior National Competitions, flying cross-country at speeds of up to 120kph!, and even, eventually, becoming a flying instructor yourself! Not to mention the fact that Gliding is also greatly recognized by employers, both inside and outside the aviation industry, as being a sport that fosters commitment, self-confidence and team work.

We predominantly fly during the summer on Tuesday and Saturday evenings, but even during the winter flying is still possible and we often have youth flying days arranged during school breaks and on other ad-hoc weekend days.

If you are interested in joining please contact us.

Happy and Safe Flying!